A Conversation with Asmahan Simry

Thu Mar 07 2019 @ 5:0


A Conversation with Asmahan Simry

Want to hear from a leading Palestinian activist IN HILLEL?!?!

Asmahan Simry works to protect Palestinian communities in the West Bank from demolition and displacement. Come learn more about how the occupation impacts those who live and work in Israel and Palestinian Territory. We're honored to have the opportunity to hear about her experiences.

Asmahan Simry grew up in the Galilee and now resides in Jerusalem where she is much closer to her important work on the ground. Asmahan is the Community Outreach Manager for Comet-ME, an Israeli-Palestinian organization that develops green solutions to water and electricity shortages in villages primarily located in Area C. Prior to this role, Asmahan worked as a field researcher for Bimkom a human rights organization that focuses on housing and spatial planning policies in Area C. In each of these roles, Asmahan has worked closely with Palestinian communities in Area C to advocate for basic right such as access to electricity and housing. Her work in both organizations aims to change Israeli policy in Area C of the West Bank.