Bari Weiss talks anti-Semitism, how to fight it

Jesse Bernstein

Jewish News

Wed Sep 11 2019

As an undergrad at Columbia University, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, native co-founded Columbians for Academic Freedom, which charged faculty with intimidating Zionist students; from there, she pronounced on Israel, the relationship between American Jews and liberalism and more from Tablet and The Wall Street Journal before she was hired by the Times. Weiss’ new book, her first, is called “How to Fight Anti-Semitism,” and is available this week. Weiss taxonomizes the different strains of anti-Semitism at home and around the globe, and gives some suggestions on how it might be effectively countered. She spoke about Tree of Life, the Diaspora, the Amalek and more.

Bari Weiss talks anti-Semitism, how to fight it

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