Create Hate Toward Jews on Campus Than ‘Classic Anti-Semitism’

Aaron Bandler

Jewish Journal

Fri Aug 10 2018

Forty-four percent of the anti-Israel acts with intent to harm involved attempts to censor pro-Israel speech, such as when anti-Israel students attempted to prevent people from entering a speech by Israeli United Nations Ambassador Danny Danon at Columbia University; the anti-Israel students also heckled Danon several times throughout the speech.

“When Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Mr. Danny Danon, came to speak at an SSI event, BDS [Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions] activists blocked the entrance to the auditorium, physically preventing people from entering and intimidating those who managed to get in,” a Columbia student told AMCHA. “During the ambassador’s 25-minutes speech, the BDS activists disrupted him seven times with calls to Boycott Israel…the BDS activists’ message was clear: The only freedom of speech worthy of protection is their own. Those who disagree, or dispute their view of the world, would be violently disrupted.”

Create Hate Toward Jews on Campus Than ‘Classic Anti-Semitism’