Enough Is Enough

Carly Pildis

Tablet Magazine

Thu Apr 18 2019


“... Israel Apartheid Week is sponsored intimidation. It isn’t about learning or debating; it’s entirely about attacking Harassing Jews because of their Jewishness is not a consequence; it’s the goal. Think about it: Could you imagine any other school-sanctioned event, in today’s climate, in which a minority is deliberately singled out for harassment?”

“At a time of rising anti-Semitism globally and at home, the idea that we’re letting these events occur—and that universities are covering for them under the guise of academic freedom—is not just immoral; it’s dangerous. I’m writing this piece in part to draw a clear line in the sand: From this point forward, no administration of any American college or university can plead ignorance. You are all allowing these activists to turn your campuses into tinderboxes—and you are allowing them to throw matches on them, year after year, hoping one will eventually catch.”

“Universities are ultimately responsible for what happens on campus and must set some parameters around what is appropriate behavior.”

Columbia-specific quotes:

“I don’t think the Barnard or Columbia administration is focusing on the well-being of Jewish students—at all. The question on campus is always how does this make Muslim or Palestinian students feel marginalized. When Jewish students and faculty explain that they feel marginalized, they aren’t taken seriously. I’d like to see us find a way to make all communities feel included, and not one at the expense of the others.”

“Even as a 35-year-old professional, my heart beats fast and I’m scared to see the shouting and anger that comes with IAW,” said a faculty member at Columbia. “I avoid the main campus as much as I can during IAW for my own mental health. I am scared as a Jew—not as a Zionist.”

“It’s exhausting for Jewish students mentally: constantly on guard, needing to know which classes or groups to avoid,” one Jewish professional on Columbia campus told me.”

Enough Is Enough