I’m A Zionist. Canary Mission Targeted Me Anyway.

David Biale


Wed Oct 03 2018

...Or consider the cases of Katherine Franke of Columbia University and Vincent Warren of the Center for Constitutional Rights, who were leading a delegation of civil rights lawyers and were deported on flimsy or non-existent grounds. Warren’s only sin seems to have been his association with Franke, whose only sin was an earlier, but no longer active, connection to Jewish Voice for Peace (Franke also supports an academic boycott of Israel but continues to collaborate with Israeli academics).

We also know that the border police seem to be working off of the Canary Mission’s website since those (like Franke) who have been interrogated report that the questions they were asked were taken almost verbatim from the website.
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I’m A Zionist. Canary Mission Targeted Me Anyway.