Should Israel Be Grateful for Anti-Semites?

Golda Daphna

Times of Israel

Thu May 09 2019

...At Columbia University, I have often felt defenseless without a weapon of my own. During Apartheid Week, I walked past a cardboard poster featuring a child throwing a rock with the slogan, “Revenge will be the laughter of our children.” I approached the demonstrators and asked what they implied by “revenge.” They replied, “It’s taken from when the Irish fought against the British.” My face flushed and I began to shake. “Do you mean when the Irish committed terror attacks? Are you talking about the IRA?!” I was answered with a scoff, “Terror is a bias.” I walked back to my dormitory understanding that Jewish, unarmed civilians maimed by rocks, random gunshots, and hurled insults are not validated by their injustice. ...

Should Israel Be Grateful for Anti-Semites?

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