The incurable parochialism of American intellectuals

Hamid Dabashi

Al Jazeera

Tue Feb 05 2019

...The course of Zionist propaganda, launched from Tel Aviv and sustained in New York, has turned the brutalised Palestinians into such a frightful taboo that no serious American critical thinker dares address it without first overcoming the fear of retribution; and, when they collect their courage to do so, it is done with such muffled arguments that, read anywhere else in the world, it makes a mockery of the very idea of critical thinking. ...

...What is Ms Alexander's debut opinion about one of the gravest injustices in the world? Some 70 years of an armed robbery of a people's homeland and the incremental genocide of its inhabitants, now this sudden "wake-up call" and a bashful request to talk about the facts.

The New York Times and the Zionist propaganda machinery it best represents have set the bar of talking about the Israeli settler colony so low that this open and honest confession of moral cowardice passes for courage and conviction....

The incurable parochialism of American intellectuals