ACTION ALERT: Columbia "Giving Day" Campaign Funds Anti-Zionism on Campus

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Columbia is currently in the midst of its advertising blitz for the October 24, 2018 "Giving Day 2018" campaign. What this slick campaign does not tell you is that anti-Semitism (often disguised as anti-Zionism) is rampant on campus and is constantly stocked by Columbia's own faculty. Just read the recent article "Ivory Tower Bigots" publish in Tablet Magazine or our article "Columbia Administration Ignores Faculty Anti-Semites". And yet Columbia administration condones anti-Israel incitement by its faculty and brushes aside all legitimate concerns of students, parents, alumni and donors.

Do not donate to Columbia until the administration addresses anti-Semitism on campus!

JOIN our Stop Funding Anti-Semitism campaign instead. Every penny donated to Stop Funding Anti-Semitism campaign sends a clear message to the Columbia University administration that there is a price to pay for tolerating anti-Semitism on campus.

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