Professor Joseph Massad Laments Israeli Anti-Semitism

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

In a rambling article "Anti-Semitism vs. Anti-Colonialism" published by anti-Israel propaganda site Electronic Intifada on August 24, 2018, Joseph Massad, a professor of Modern Arab Politics and Intellectual History at Columbia University advances a bizarre argument that Israel is anti-Semitic. Perhaps professor Massad's article was inspired by the latest Roger Waters' concert where the "world's oldest 'woke' millennial" rocker called upon his fans to "Resist Israeli Anti-Semitism."

Roger Waters Concert

Apparently not satisfied with channeling Waters, professor Massad recommends that the UK Labour Party condemns as anti-Semitic expressions like "Israel is the Jewish state" and includes such expressions in the party's definition of anti-Semitism. Massad writes, "If there should be a definition of anti-Semitism to be adopted by the Labour Party (or any other political party or institution) in Britain today, it should include the condemnation of anti-Semitic and colonial expressions such as: 'Israel is the Jewish state,' or 'Israel is the state of the Jewish people' or Israel 'speaks for Jews,' or colonizing the land of the Palestinians is a 'Jewish value.'" Perhaps professor Massad believes that the crisis over the Labour's re-definition of anti-Semitism generated by Cobryn and his cohort of anti-Semites has been insufficiently incendiary.

Then, after making his contribution to the UK Labour Party, professor Massad proceeds in the very next paragraph to also offer helpful advice to how Jewish communities could restore their honor, "It is these anti-Semitic claims that tarnish Jewish communities around the world, and not opposition to Israeli colonialism and racism."

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