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Updated: May 19, 2020

Hello, and thank you for visiting my profile page!

I am a proud and unapologetic supporter of Israel, the founder of CU-MONITOR, an advisory board member at Alliance for Israel, and a leader of Columbia University's chapter of Alums for Campus Fairness.

I am also a Columbia University alumnus.

Published Writings

  1. "Address the Biggest Threat First" by Victor Muslin, IsraellyCool Blog, December 21, 2016 [link]

  2. "Free speech must be public" by Victor Muslin, Columbia Spectator, February 13, 2017 [link]

  3. "B Is for Boycott" by Victor Muslin, The Algemeiner, January 25, 2018 [link]

  4. "Approving the Marcus Nomination: The Best Response to Rising Anti-Semitism on U.S. College and University Campuses" by Naomi Friedman, et al, March 26, 2018 [link]

  5. "What's Wrong with Advice for Dealing with Zionophobia on Campus?" by Victor Muslin, Elder of Ziyon Blog. Part 1 published on August 22, 2019 [link], Part 2 published on August 27, 2019 [link], Part 3 published on TBD [link]

Media Presence

  1. "Watch: Anti-Israel students at Columbia University disrupt Israeli ambassador’s speech" by Brandon Morse, The Blaze, February 14, 2017 [link]

  2. "Danny Danon fue interrumpido numerosas veces con consignas pro-palestinas en la Universidad de Columbia", New Iton Gadol (Buenos Aires), February 17, 2017 [link]

  3. "Amid Protests From Jewish Community, New School Hosts Panel on Antisemitism With Speakers Accused of Antisemitism" by Shiri Moshe, November 30, 2017 [link]

  4. "Columbia University Students Accuse Anti-Zionist Groups of ‘Systematically Harassing, Silencing’ Opposing Voices" by Algemeiner Staff, April 13, 2018 [link]

  5. "Pro-Palestinian Students Protest During Holocaust Remembrance" by Rob Shimshock, Campus Unmasked, April 17, 2018 [link]


  7. "Coalition of Columbia Professors, Alumni, Students Urge University to Discipline ‘Antisemitic’ Professor Who Blasted ‘Fifth Column Zionists’" by Shiri Moshe, The Algemeiner, May 30, 2018 [link]

  8. "COLUMBIA PROFESSOR PROVOKES CONTROVERSY WITH ANTI-SEMITIC STATEMENTS" by Hannah Stanhill, Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under the Law Blog, July 1, 2018 [link]

  9. "Protest Planned at Columbia University as ‘Pro-Israel Students Harassed, Systematically Silenced on Campus’" by Shiri Moshe, The Algemeiner, October 3, 2018 [link]

Photo Gallery

With Other Activists

  1. With Danny Danon the Israeli Ambassador to the UN and Nikki Haley the US Ambassador to the UN

  2. With Bassem Eid, a Palestinian Human Rights Activist

  3. With "Son of Hamas" and "Green Prince" Mosab Hassan Yousef

  1. With Alan D. Clemmons, State Senator from South Carolina who helped pass the first state anti-BDS legislation.

  2. With Shoshana Bederman and Susan Julien

  3. Attending a presentation by Thane Rosenbaum

  1. With Dalia Zahger, the President of SSI/Columbia and Melissa Landa

  2. With Rezwan Ovo-Haq.

  3. With Ari Fuld and Sami Steigmann.

  1. With Abe Haak at Columbia University event "A Discussion with Palestinian Zionist Abe Haak".

  2. Attending a talk by Naftali Bennett, Israeli Minister of Education and Diaspora Affairs.

  3. Attending a talk with Dr. Einat Wilf.

  1. With Dr. Mordechai Kedar.

  2. With Dr. Asaf Romirowsky, Executive Director of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME),

  3. With Dr. Alex Joffe, Director of SPME BDS Monitor.

  1. With Sami Steigmann, Holocaust Survivor

At Events

Protest Against New York Times Antisemitic Cartoon, New York City, April 29, 2019

"Confronting the Misinformation of the BDS Campaign" Symposium, Washington DC, March 27, 2019

From left to right:

  1. Sitting left to right: Bassem Eid, Stacey Aviva Flint, Joshua Washington; standing left to right: Victor Muslin, Steve Gerzof, Melissa Landa,

  2. With Professor Ed Beck, one of the original founders of Scholars for Middle East Peace (SPME).

Arabs Breaking the Silence Event at Lincoln Square Synagogue, October 26, 2017

From upper left clockwise:

  1. With Bassem Eid, a Palestinian Human Rights activist.

  2. With Mark Banschik, Naomi Cohn, Susan Julien, Melissa Landa, Marta Braiterman Tanenbaum of Alums for Campus Fairness and Mohnammad Kabiya an Arab Israeli IDF soldier and a pro-Israel activist.

  3. Presentation by Dima Tayeh, an Arab Israeli pro-Israel activist.

We've Had Enough Protest at Columbia University on October 4, 2018

At the Columbia University talk by Danny Danon, the Israeli Ambassador at the UN, sponsored by Students Supporting Israel (SSI) at Columbia, February 2017

Victor Muslin, Rudy Rochman (President of SSI Chapter at Columbia), Dalia Zahger (VP of SSI Chapter at Columbia), Shoshana Bederman (Founder of SPACA)

At the Indigenous People Union event at Columbia University sponsored by Students Supporting Israel (SS) chapter, December, 2016

At the United Nations


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