Zionophobia Has Consequences!

Professors and Staff Disciplined for Antisemitism

This section lists anti-Semitic professors who were disciplined or dismissed.because of their anti-Semitism. This list is not limited to professors at Columbia. Rather, its purpose is to demonstrate that disciplining an anti-Semitic professor--even a tenured one--is possible, it has been done successfully and lessons could be learned from it.

Maaruf Ali.jpg

Maaruf Ali

Lecturer, University of Essex Dismissed

John Cheney-Lippold.png

John Cheney-Lippold

Professor, University of Michigan Disciplined: barred from receiving a raise during the current academic year, or taking a sabbatical until the fall of 2020, and warned that future violations may result in additional discipline — up to and including the initiation of dismissal proceedings

Michael Chikindas

Tenured Professor, Rutgers University | Removed from teaching and leadership positions


Anthony Hall

Professor, University of Lethbridge | Removed from teaching classes

Joy Karega

Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition, Oberlin CollegeFired

William Latson.jpg

William Latson

Spanish River High School PrincipalRemoved from the current position and then fired

Steven Salaita

Professor, University of IllinoisFired by being blocked from taking a tenured position



Professor, National Louis UniversityRemoved from class for using Holocaust denial questions on a test


Other Success Stories

This section describes other success stories in the fight against anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism and anti-Israelism in academia.

University of California Chancellors Unequivocally Condemn BDS

Temple Board of Trustees unanimously condemn Marc Lamont Hill’s UN speech


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